Healthcare provider of the two continents...


The primary principle of Medistate Kavacık Hospital is to make a contribution to the development of medicine by providing advanced, protective and healing healthcare services through well-trained and experienced physicians and healthcare professionals without compromising the ethical principles through its integrated quality and healthcare approach. 


Medistate Kavacık Hospital, which always sets higher standards in the sector through its professional approach and advanced technology in the healthcare services, meets two continents on the health by providing the people, who live at the European side and the Anatolian side, with health through its quality healthcare services.    


Medistate Kavacık Hospital is located in Kavacık - one of the most important centers in Istanbul. It provides quality healthcare services for all patients through its accessibility at a distance of 8 km from Levent and 12 km from Atasehir.   


Medistate Kavacık Hospital, which has been built on an indoor area of 17.000 m2, provides healthcare services in Beykoz-Kavacık through its 14 neonatal intensive care units, 12 adult intensive care units, 4 coronary intensive care units, and 5 cardiovascular surgery intensive care units – all equipped with high technology-, 113 inpatient beds and professional medical team. 


Medistate Kavacık Hospital, which has the largest emergency medicine service among the private hospitals, has an online system to share patient reports and conditions with medical specialists abroad in order to make the truest decision for the health of patients through its ethical scientific committee, which supports the understanding for the right diagnosis and healthcare, and its scientific and high technology infrastructure and specialized physicians.    


Medistate Kavacık Hospital provides you with a healthy and happy life.

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