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Cardiovascular Surgery

CardiovascuLar Surgery Department's physician personnel of Medistate Hospital Istanbul offers advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services for cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to cardiac operations for any and ali types of adult- onset and congenital cardiac anomalies, surgical treatment of coronary heart diseases, cardiac valve diseases as well as aneurysm, rupture and stenosis of Large vessels and aortic and peripheral artery surgeries are successfully performed in the department. Moreover, treatment options are offered for congenital diagnosed diseases, which require actual treatment in adulthood.

Cardiovascular Surgery Department offer exammation and controLvisits based on appointments in addition to healthcare service in Intensive Care Units.


  • Coronary Heart Diseases,
  • Heart Valve Diseases,
  • Aneurysm, perforation and stenosis in large vessels,
  • Aorto coronary bypass,
  • Mitral valve replacement,
  • Tricuspid valve replacement,
  • Aortic valve + mitral valve replacement,
  • Aorto coronary bypass + valve replacement,
  • Open mitral valvulotomy and reconstruction,
  • Tricuspid valve anuloplasty and reconstruction,
  • Excision of atrial mixoma,
  • Repair of dissecting aortic aneurysm,
  • Repair in saccular aneurysm,
  • Operation of ruptures sinüs valsalva aneurysm,
  • Operation of cardiac anomalies,
  • RF ablation,
  • Carotid artery end arterectomy or bypass,
  • Carotid subclavian bypass,
  • Extra - anatomic bypass,
  • Repair of peripheral artery vein injuries,
  • Repair of chronic - peripheral fistula,
  • Aorto - iliac femoral bypass,
  • Repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm,
  • Y graft in aorto - iliac obstructions,
  • Mesenteric artery reconstruction,
  • Patent ductus arteriosus,
  • Operation of aortic coarctationz.

Medical Departmants

ahmet yavuz balcı2

Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Yavuz BALCI

Cardiovascular Surgery


M.D. Mahmut Akyıldız

Cardiovascular Surgery


M.D. Remzi Tosun

Heart and Vascular Surgery

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