“I was freed from restraints!” says Sibel Yoğurtçular

One year has elapsed…And my pains progressed to an insufferable state, I visited a doctor in Istanbul. Operation was decided and prostheses were placed to my left hip followed by the right hip at four-month intervals. I suffered from hemiplegia following these two operations. I was feeling needles that were pricking the skin of my sole. First, my doctor refused this condition. He insisted that postoperative physiotherapy was unnecessary. However, I was ever increasingly losing control of my foot. My doctor did not offer a new operation or a treatment plan for this condition. I voluntarily decided to receive physiotherapy on September 2006. Two years had already elapsed since my operation and it would be somewhat a late decision. It took 13 months…My physiatrist established the diagnosis of hemiplegia for my foot. I visited another doctor for second option. I was even discussed in a council of a state hospital, where 40 to 45 physicians were involved and discussed problems of hip prostheses. I was a case that was discussed by all doctors. Although I entertained a hope at that moment, I was devastated when no new solution or operation was decided by the council. In 2008, I was unable to walk or even to meet my personal care needs. I got scared of doctors and hospitals. I was completely desperate. I did not want to be in search of alternatives, I was physically and mentally exhausted. This condition continued until 2015. I visited Assist. Prof. Mustafa Tekkeşin, M.D., from Medistate Kavacık Hospital upon advice of our family doctor. Dr. Mustafa and his team instilled such a confidence that I decided to undergo a new surgery within 15 days. The operation will involve removal of the damaged parts of the prosthesis and construction of a new joint. The risks were very remarkable. However, my hopes did not wreck and I underwent a successful operation. Now, I am very happy! Although I was transferred to everywhere by ambulance, I can, now, easily get in a vehicle on my own. I remember that I was transferred to the stretcher by 3 persons in my first visit to the room of Dr. Mustafa. I could not even get out of the house for seven years (2008-2015), I was freed from my restraints by Dr. Mustafa.

Thank you everybody

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