Oya Tomaç: A 35-year adventured transformed into a love bond

Oya Tamaç felt the motherhood on January 10, 2017 as a result of the in vitro fertilization therapy supervised by Prof. Oya Gökmen, M.D., and she gave birth to her daughter. Just as she was born by her mother, namely Zübeyde Akkoçoğlu, 35 years ago following the treatments headed again by Prof. Oya Gökmen, M.D…

“My story starts with my mother. My mother Zübeyde Akkoçoğlu had presented to Prof. Oya Gökmen, M.D., who has good reputation in her specialty, with complaint of irregular menstrual cycle and pregnancy plan many years ago. Following examinations and investigates, she had established diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome for my mother. This condition means that no egg is released and a supportive treatment is necessarily required for the conception. Treatment was started and the conception was achieved with medications.  The last insemination yielded results and the conception was verified. As a result, I was given birth in 1986. Undoubtedly, happiness of my mother and father was elusive. Considering that Prof. Oya Gökmen, M.D., was, then, a precious part of our family, I was named Oya after she was also informed. I recognized menstrual irregularities when I made a good life for me in Istanbul, where I had my educational life, after many years have elapsed. While I was thinking what I should do, my mother lent a hand and said “I can entrust you only to Professor Oya”. My history with Professor Oya re-starts at that moment… I met Professor Oya, whom I was named after; it was also the date of an unforgettable experience for me. She embraced me and she gave the glad hand.  When I specified my complaints, she emphasized that polycystic ovary syndrome is a genetic heritage inherited from mothers to daughters. We proceeded to examinations quickly and the results verified my diagnosis: polycystic ovary syndrome. Thus, my treatment process was also started. Meanwhile, a certain time has passed and I met my consort. We were married… We were also very happy. I and my spouse decided to have a child one year later.  We felt on the top of the world when I was pregnant through natural intercourse following several treatments! I did never hinder my pregnancy supervisions despite my busy work schedule.  Professor Oya informed me after my third routine examination that something was going wrong. My condition was hidatidiform mole or molar pregnancy. It should be terminated urgently. I was totally devastated following the procedure. It is really difficulty to live that moment. Even, I also suffered from panic attack for the first time at that interval. Retrospectively, I think that we managed the very challenging period properly all together.

January 10 and the happy end…

“We and Professor Oya jointly decided in vitro fertilization for the new pregnancy in order to solve this problem in a more contemporary and quicker way. Meanwhile, I and my hormones, undoubtedly, were very closely monitored. Finally, we ended on a high note by in vitro fertilization therapy. I was very careful for my supervision throughout the pregnancy. And I was a mother on January 10, 2017… My dear daughter Ela rose to our home virtually like a sun. It is curiously enough that I and my daughter were born in subsequent days of the same month.  I was born on January 9 and she was born on January 10… When I look back to my experiences, I can state that you need to trust the professional team, which will manage the therapy, and you need to maintain patience and confidence in in vitro fertilization therapies. Treatments for infertility are ever increasingly getting easier and they transform into a more “patient-friendly” therapy. Therefore, trust, confidence and patience are required. I wish success and good luck for everybody with this problem.”

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