For International Patients

At Medistate Hospital Group, International Patient Services Center provides a wide range of comprehensive services for foreign patients and patients' relatives with an experienced team.

Our International Patient Services Center provide uninterrupted services for your health at all stages from the first day that you contact us, until you return to your country, making you feel at home.

Services provided by our International Patient Services Center:

  • Reception of patients' requests through ''International Patient Second Evaluation'' system and preparation of a treatment plan by our Physicians
  • Appointments Planning
  • Airport-Hospital-Hotel transfers
  • Air Ambulance Aircraft / Full Intensive Care Ground Ambulance service
  • Hotel / Home reservation organisation
  • Support for visa
  • Patient's assistance in the hospital with Kolan Patient Organisation System
  • Preparation of Medical Reports in the required langage
  • English, Arabic, Russian, Azerbaijani-speaking staff and interpreting services in all languages
  • Follow-up support after treatment
  • Discounted air tickets organization from Turkish Airlines and other contractual airlines.
  • City tour organizations

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