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Check Up

Check-Up Unit of Medistate Hospital IstanbuL provides services based on the principle of identifying disease risks in early period and taking measures before onset of the disease.

The unit ensures early identification of risks leading to many diseases such as several types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, renaland hepatic diseases, diabetes, stroke and cerebral hemorrhage and thus, the diagnosis is made and treatment methods are early applied.

Check-up programs are customized with regards the age, gender and familial history of the subject and such programs are determined by Scientific Ethics Committee, which provide services based on multidisciplinary approach.

At the check- up program under supervision of a physician, all necessary tests and examinations are studied made.

“Health life plan" of the subject is created based on the result report issued by the physician examining results of all tests and consultations.

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Assoc. Prof. Zehra Yaşar