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Visitor Policy

Related Sections policies can create their own special visit , it is mandatory .

  • Patient visits are limited to 2 people at a time , it is of great importance in terms of the patient's health.
  • Patient visits are performed in our hospital determined time interval .
  • The patient outside food , drinks introduction is strictly prohibited.
  • Patient visit is forbidden to bring children under 7 years.
  • Smoking is prohibited in Health Care.
  • Patients who come to visit with books, magazines, newspapers, sanitary care products ( cologne, paper napkins, paper towels, tissue paper ) brought gifts to children is not recommended except for a harmless toy.
  • Removal of fresh flowers in the room are not considered in terms of infection .
  • Visitors are asked intervals specified in the following hours are available for groups.
  • For overall patient hours: 10:00 to 22:00
  • Companion Policy
  • Whether you must companion patient is determined by the patient's physician .
  • Accompanying a person is limited to the number .
  • Accompanying the patient's next visit , and medical care should be available .
  • Companion to the extent permitted in patient care help.
  • Accompanying the hospital must comply with the rules .
  • In some sections, there is no companion application .
  • The outside of the main rules of each clinic should be noted that creates unique companion policy.